Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seven Things...

Seven Things I Know How To Do

1: Adapt in peculiar situations.
2: Multi task!
3: Nature Attunement / Meditation
4: Sing from my Soul.
5: Raise and Direct Energy / Affirmative Prayer / Magick
6: Nature / Spirit Crafts
7: Love Wholeheartedly.

Seven Things I Don't Know How To Do

1: Play a string instrument.
2: Fly a plane or helicopter.
3: Intentionally Hurt another Soul.
4: Do back/front flips in the air.
5: Swim without fear.
6: Some types of Math.
7: Woodcarving.

Seven Things that Scare Me

1: Self-Delusion
2: Liars
3: Spiders (though I'm working on it:)
4: Failure
5: Harm coming to my children / loved ones
6: Being Homeless / Expense of Living
7: Depression

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1: Become a Millionaire
2: Become a Successful Published Author
3: Continue my Education / Obtain degree in Ecopsychology
4: Help others realize their spiritual strengths and Natural connections.
5: Go on a road trip around the country to participate in outdoor festivals and spiritual workshops.
6: Buy a sailboat and travel to distant shores for outdoor adventures with my family.
7: See my children grown and doing what they love.

Seven Random Facts About Me

1: I once won an award in Jr. High for a contest called the Great Mail Race by writing to a school in Virginia and convincing a class to write back to mine. I got 64 letters as opposed to the other students who wrote letters to other states/schools and got back about 4 to 6 letters each. Thats when I decided I had a talent for writing and wanted to pursue it.

2: I dropped out of school at 17 and got my GED. My parents wanted to encourage me so they went for their GEDs at the same time. We all graduated together in a cap and gown ceremony at Jackson State University in 1993 and got on the news. My Dad and I both graduated within the top 5 of the state in our final scores.

3: For as long as I can remember I have lived with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Severe Depression, but Ive never been without my wild sense of humor. I often have said it is my saving grace.

4: I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Science which means I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Metaphysical Practitioner of Spiritual Mind Treatments, and have sworn a Metaphysical Doctors Oath. I first entered schooling for this because of my having trouble dealing with my illnesses and because I found myself unable to heal from a broken heart.

5: I have been known to prefer open relationships and am attracted to both sexes, though since having my children I no longer carry on in such a way...physically.

6: I can pick anything up with my toes (just about). I can also write with my toes and with both hands. Though I am primarily right handed.

7: I have been married thrice and in love with 6 people throughout my life.

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