Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Samhain Meditation

In honor of this Samhain, and inspired by the physical distance put between all of my spirit friends/family this year (I miss you all so much!), I decided to write a simple Samhain Meditation to share with all of them - and all who pass by my blog. :) Many Blessings to everyone at this sacred time. Enjoy the meditation.

Samhain Meditation

Surround yourself with any items you wish to be near, for blessing, offering, divination, or meditative purpose.

Get Comfortable. Focus on your breath.

Breathe in your connection to the Divine Source; to that Creative Light Force that moves within All things and Causes To Be.

Breathe in the comforting presence of the Earth's fertile and sustaining Energy that is beneath you, that surrounds you, and that flows through you.

Feel the beating of your heart as you breathe and see it emanating the bright green energy of that chakra space within you. This is your creative center, that harmonizes with all of nature.

Feel the harmony, the rhythm of this beating, the life energy that flows within you.

Know that the music that resides in this space is inseparable from and in perfect harmony with the Universal Life Force of All that Is, of All that Ever Has Been, and of All that Ever Will Be.

As you feel the music of All Creation beating and flowing within, notice how it reverberates through your physical body extending out into your etheric body. This vibrational energy may be seen as a vivid, penetrating Light that carries your soul essence and accumulated knowledge of all your lives and myriad soul expressions within it.

Notice the rhythm of this energy, notice the color/s of it, notice how it flows and connects with your surrounding environment and those closest to you - those physically present and those who are not.

This is the song that your heart sings. This is the song of your soul. It is a song that blesses and restores all that it passes through and connects to. It carries wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of forever. It calls forth the honored blessings and positive guidance of the elemental Spirits and from the Ancestral Realm where that wisdom, knowledge and understanding is stored. It connects us to the All and brings balance to our manifested experience. Through it we are sustained, we are whole, and we are universally aware.

Know that at this sacred point in the year the special rhythm of your song carries further into the distance and is able to penetrate any darkness with its light and remove any veil of separation to reveal that which needs to be seen or known. It can access the messages and shared wisdom of those who have gone before us as it connects to their unique soul rhythms.

Take a moment to visualize and feel this connective melodious experience and make mental notes of any entering vibrational messages, thoughts, tunes, images, colors, or other various expressions. At this time you may want to draw a tarot card, use a pendulum, make offerings or petitions, dance to the rhythms that you feel, or practice some other mindful act if you feel inclined to do so or if you had prepared your space previously for something special.

Hold this experience and what has been revealed to you in your memory now. Know that it will be carried with you, offering support as you need it.

Relax into your physical space, bring your awareness back into this space, and feel your body as it moves to the melody within, manifesting positive expressive energy into your physical space.Allow it to fully awaken you to the moment, bringing along the honored songs of those passed that are held sacred within you. 

Realize the permanence of All that Is and the continuance of All that Has Been. Recognize that All things New are Born of things Old. Treasure this Transformation both without and within. Know that you can access the wisdom contained in the song of your Soul that plays within your heart at any time to assist you in any of your Life's transformations. Honor the lessons of the past with Mindfulness of the present and Sacred Intention for the future.

Much Love. Many Blessings. Ashe'!

Photo Credit: "Tree In Fog At Night" by Petr Kratochvil