Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I still dream

This is a graphic I put together with a picture I took recently when with the family out at the beach (Galveston Island) and the simple couplet I wrote when I started this blog (It's my headline). I posted it to Instagram and onto my @holisticfox Picasa, but thought it should be here since it's where the line originated. When I first jotted it down, I was attempting to express that feeling of hope and inner vision that I carry with me in spite of what shared knowledge, experience, and time has taught or revealed to me. It's the essence of my personality. It's the distant drumming in my soul.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What do you Share?

I'm looking for boards on Pinterest and Instagram streams to follow!

I'm interested in people with a love for life, travel, culture, diversity, art, holistic practices, free thought, and unique perspectives.

I like following boards/streams that are passionate, artful, unique, insightful, inspiring, funny, or just full of personality.

What I'm not interested in are streams/boards that exist solely for the purpose of selling, collecting likes/followers, spamming, or promoting any kind of hate missions.

That does not mean no businesses. I like to follow businesses that seek to make a positive impact on the world in some way and whose pages are not automated - in other words, I want to see real content rather than mundane listings of what's on sale.

Also, I find many special interests don't think what you have to share won't appeal to me simply because it's obscure or because I may not seem to fit some particular profile of typical followers for your content.

I especially want to follow boards that want to be shared - because I like sharing what I love with others who may also appreciate it.

So, share your links with me here so I can find you! And, suggest great people/causes/places to follow that you enjoy - I would love to take a look at those boards and streams that make you smile or bring you joy. I'll be sharing some of my favorites soon as well, so be sure to check back.

Also, if you're on Pinterest and want to join my new group shareboard (created only moments ago) for Instagrammers, let me know and I'll follow you and add you as a pinner to the board. Many thanks!

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Please note: I don't require that you follow any of my boards/streams simply because I choose to follow yours. I'm not selling my likes/reposts/shares/follows or bargaining for them. If I follow you, like or share your posts, it's because I truly enjoyed and appreciated what you had to share.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Samhain Meditation

In honor of this Samhain, and inspired by the physical distance put between all of my spirit friends/family this year (I miss you all so much!), I decided to write a simple Samhain Meditation to share with all of them - and all who pass by my blog. :) Many Blessings to everyone at this sacred time. Enjoy the meditation.

Samhain Meditation

Surround yourself with any items you wish to be near, for blessing, offering, divination, or meditative purpose.

Get Comfortable. Focus on your breath.

Breathe in your connection to the Divine Source; to that Creative Light Force that moves within All things and Causes To Be.

Breathe in the comforting presence of the Earth's fertile and sustaining Energy that is beneath you, that surrounds you, and that flows through you.

Feel the beating of your heart as you breathe and see it emanating the bright green energy of that chakra space within you. This is your creative center, that harmonizes with all of nature.

Feel the harmony, the rhythm of this beating, the life energy that flows within you.

Know that the music that resides in this space is inseparable from and in perfect harmony with the Universal Life Force of All that Is, of All that Ever Has Been, and of All that Ever Will Be.

As you feel the music of All Creation beating and flowing within, notice how it reverberates through your physical body extending out into your etheric body. This vibrational energy may be seen as a vivid, penetrating Light that carries your soul essence and accumulated knowledge of all your lives and myriad soul expressions within it.

Notice the rhythm of this energy, notice the color/s of it, notice how it flows and connects with your surrounding environment and those closest to you - those physically present and those who are not.

This is the song that your heart sings. This is the song of your soul. It is a song that blesses and restores all that it passes through and connects to. It carries wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of forever. It calls forth the honored blessings and positive guidance of the elemental Spirits and from the Ancestral Realm where that wisdom, knowledge and understanding is stored. It connects us to the All and brings balance to our manifested experience. Through it we are sustained, we are whole, and we are universally aware.

Know that at this sacred point in the year the special rhythm of your song carries further into the distance and is able to penetrate any darkness with its light and remove any veil of separation to reveal that which needs to be seen or known. It can access the messages and shared wisdom of those who have gone before us as it connects to their unique soul rhythms.

Take a moment to visualize and feel this connective melodious experience and make mental notes of any entering vibrational messages, thoughts, tunes, images, colors, or other various expressions. At this time you may want to draw a tarot card, use a pendulum, make offerings or petitions, dance to the rhythms that you feel, or practice some other mindful act if you feel inclined to do so or if you had prepared your space previously for something special.

Hold this experience and what has been revealed to you in your memory now. Know that it will be carried with you, offering support as you need it.

Relax into your physical space, bring your awareness back into this space, and feel your body as it moves to the melody within, manifesting positive expressive energy into your physical space.Allow it to fully awaken you to the moment, bringing along the honored songs of those passed that are held sacred within you. 

Realize the permanence of All that Is and the continuance of All that Has Been. Recognize that All things New are Born of things Old. Treasure this Transformation both without and within. Know that you can access the wisdom contained in the song of your Soul that plays within your heart at any time to assist you in any of your Life's transformations. Honor the lessons of the past with Mindfulness of the present and Sacred Intention for the future.

Much Love. Many Blessings. Ashe'!

Photo Credit: "Tree In Fog At Night" by Petr Kratochvil

Friday, August 3, 2012

Awoken by a Dream

I'm currently taking a composition course in school and one of our first assignments was to write an autobiographical essay. I find this sort of essay often to be boring, at least in the linear form and general biographical style. Of course, a good story teller can make an autobiographic tale really come alive. The art of storytelling however has never been my strong suit. So with my assignment I attempted to break out of my box a little and get somewhat creative with my presentation of events - rather than presenting "just the facts" in a straightforward manner. The essay was to address a particular life event and how it may have altered my perspective. With that in mind, here is what I wrote:

Awoken by a Dream

Unequivocally, the twenty-fourth year of my life stands out as the most challenging and transformative year I have experienced in my thirty six years on this Earth. My dreams during that time were often filled with abstract imagery amidst the familiar landscapes of my distant past. There was something comforting in the way random symbols would appear and awaken my mind to some particular insight / awareness of my life, my experience, my inner truth.

It often seemed that my childhood home, with its surrounding acreage, that was once my playground was fused to my memory as an old friend who had lovingly left a lasting impression on my soul through its comforting kindness and unyielding support. In my dreams I felt it held messages for me, perhaps only reminders of that which had supported my growth amongst natural things. Or, perhaps at times the messages were preparing me for things to come and in so doing also unveiling those stronger parts of me that could face any challenge.

The street that I grew up on was a string of neighboring three acre plots that were only partially separated by fencing, usually along the front near the road and down each side to a comfortable point. Trees were plentiful, though mostly on the back side of properties at a distance from each house. In fact, in the area just around our house, there were very few trees; a twin pair of magnolia trees and a mimosa could be found along the fence at the front of the yard and a few tall pines scattered around to one side, but other than that most of the trees on our land took up the back two acres which we called “the woods.” And there, amongst the variety of oak and pine, paths had been made for riding our bikes through.

There had never been a maple tree in the yard where I grew up, and certainly not one that had peaceful, knowing eyes to open upon every leaf. Eyes that sensed my presence and my need, eyes that could look straight into me and reveal the truths that lay there hidden. But this is exactly what appeared to me in one particular dream. In this dream I found myself walking out the front screen door of my house and around one side toward the back. I came to meet this beautifully serene maple tree sitting alone along the far side of my house just as the wind was really starting to pick up with rains that were drawing a flood. As I looked out across the wooded flat land that stretched beyond the back side of our home and joined with that of other homes at either side, I could see the water rising fast and rushing toward me. As I felt the flood overtaking me, I was not afraid. I was, in fact, calm…even, at peace. Though, there was something inside me that knew and understood something that could only be recognized as the sort of sadness that comes along with the ending of one cycle in life and the beginning of another.

The maple leaves were vibrantly colored and seemed rather large to me. Its presence there drew my mind in, calling me to pay attention. My awareness of time passing began to fall away as the eye on each leaf opened to see me. Words could not be heard in the message offered by the tree but an intention of that message could be felt intuitively. The eyes of these leaves wanted me to see. And though I could not be sure of the particular message, I did understand. I was able to somehow see the message in my mind’s eye. I was aware of me, of my meaning and my strength, of my connections to the past and the support that still existed for my spiritual development. Most of all I was aware of a long journey that still lay ahead of me; where lessons would have to be learned and obstacles overcome. But I felt comforted by the deep knowing that I felt in that moment - that I had and would always have all that I needed to carry me along this journey.

That particular dream stayed with me, and it flashed often before my mind as I lived out the days and weeks that followed. For quite some time before having the dream I had been experiencing some rough emotional challenges, which in itself was not all that unusual in my life experience. But this particular point in time had found me isolated and reactionary as well. I had suffered a long battle with depression, made some self-defeating and limiting mistakes, pushed every person that cared about me away, and I had found myself alone and in despair, seeking to find a way out. I considered suicide. I considered signing myself in to a mental health facility. I considered a number of things as I carelessly stumbled through my own existence, putting myself in dangerous situations. The dream helped me see beyond, just enough to recognize the light in my own life. It inspired me to find wellness through renewing my connections with nature and with a higher Source. It guided me in a direction that kept my thoughts and my activities busy with gaining new knowledge about my own spiritual existence and in seeking new outlets for authentic self expression.

I made the decision to improve myself on multiple levels and to continue my education. At that point my decision to continue education took me deep into Metaphysical subjects, because this is where I found my inspiration and my courage to face the challenges present in my own life. The dream played a significant role in turning things around for me. I began to participate in nature connecting activities with an online class which had me feeling more balanced and even positive after a while. I learned how to keep my balance through meditation techniques and journaling, among other things.

Just as I had found my footing and climbed up out of the sinkhole I felt I had in many ways put myself in, I understood why the period of months leading up to this point had been such a rollercoaster of emotions. I learned that I was pregnant, four months in fact. I had never been pregnant so I didn’t know my own body in that condition. I happened to be visiting my family at my childhood home, literally a thousand miles away from where I lived at the time, when I learned of my pregnancy. Immediately, I knew that something was wrong so I went to the hospital. A few hours later, during the examination, I miscarried. That night, as I experienced the ongoing physical pain that carried over from losing the baby along with the guilt and confusion that had me spiraling back down into the emotional pit I had desperately sought to be free from, I moaned and cried for hours. No one could console me or get me through. The hours just had to pass.

The next day, my husband led me out into the woods behind the house where he had set up a couple of lounge chairs for us. He gave me something to calm my nerves and ease the pain. As I lay there, staring out across the wooded path toward the back side of my childhood home, I felt numb. Everything appeared quite unreal to me. The windows on the back of the house that once provided me a view of the woods from my bedroom seemed like cut-outs in a doll's house. The trees along the path between us and those windows seemed to me as if they were made from plastic. Even the wind felt artificial. I was completely disconnected from my own perception of reality, far worse than I had ever been before. Another day passed before the family dispersed into each our own direction in heading back to our own places of residence.

Over the next couple of weeks I found myself turning toward those things which I had learned to help heal myself emotionally and spiritually before experiencing the miscarriage. I came to understand the message of that dream on a more conscious level. The flood was symbolic of my own drowning in emotion, the rain my tears, the tree my strength, the eyes my own knowing of what I was capable of overcoming. The dream had helped prepare me for the struggle that was coming by inspiring me to find ways of healing myself and by showing me how much I had already been able to overcome. As I continued the practices of meditation and connection seeking that I had learned, and as I continued to grow through self awareness and study, I did find my balance again. And though I have often referred to my twenty-fourth year as the worst of my life, in many ways it could be considered the best because it's when I came to truly know myself and it revealed to me my path in life. I am thankful for what that year taught me about myself and for the person it led me to become.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling the Moment

Why do we have a need to hurt others when they’ve hurt us? What if their hurting us was unintentional or even unrealized after the fact? Does the knowledge that they do not recognize the hurt they’ve caused create more anger and bitterness toward them? Why?

What if all the hurt they’ve seemingly caused actually already existed inside of us and was just released by their actions (or inaction)? What are we to do with this and how can we make it better if we’ve already pulled the trigger (so to speak) or rather, been activated toward negative expression?

The sort of dilemma that I point to here can be felt in any of the various types of relationships we may experience. It can take place between the best of friends or simple acquaintances. The strength of its impact depends partly on how close the people involved are since it often hurts worse when we feel let down in some way by those who we love and who have loved us in return. But this is not completely accurate (in all respects) because what often creates the strongest impact on our ultimate reaction to any given situation is how we are already feeling inside. If we are very much out of alignment within ourselves or experiencing great sadness or some sort of imbalance then we will react according to that pain or un-wellness – and in this way, even the smallest of occurrences can be the trigger for our most over the top and emotional backlash.

Below are a few of the most pertinent areas of concentration or consideration that are necessary focal points in the healing and balancing process, for this issue in particular – but for many others as well. This is what I have found to be true in my life. Perhaps it will resonate in some way or provide someone with some form of understanding or maybe a place to start when looking at their own emotional encounters with other people. Take what you will from it, and live to your own highest potential according to your own understandings of self. Aho.

~ Understand your own internalized processes. Spend some time getting to know yourself; your history, your cultural perceptions, your psychology, your fears, your motivators, everything that makes you tick the unique way that you do. Learn to read your own emotions and reactions to things around you. Learn to apply these understandings of self to situations as they arise in your life. Go even further than your own history and created world psychology and spend some time learning about seasonal processes and how they affect you personally on physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels. Spend time in nature and in meditation as this will help center you and guide you in appropriate and beneficial directions which may present you with the keys to your own healing and inner strength. Basically, we need to be consciously aware of the underlying causes of our emotions so that we can accurately pinpoint those things that act as indicators or instigators of shifts in mood or thought processes and which may serve only to turn our focus away from what truly matters. In recognizing what causes the internal shift, we can understand ourselves better and through that understanding be able to correctly identify and then better communicate the disturbance to those we are having issue with.

~ Communicate honestly and directly for mutual understanding of any given situation involving those you feel you may react negatively to. Of course we should always communicate in an honest and direct manner but this becomes even more important when we have reason to believe that our reactions may end up hurting someone else if not handled in a more deliberate way. It can be difficult sometimes to verbalize what it is we are feeling and this can be due to several factors, including an insufficient understanding of what is going on inside of us or the situation that has triggered our emotional state, fear of being criticized or not taken seriously, embarrassment over what is being felt, or simply not wanting to reveal so much of ourselves. We may even feel that the other person “should” know what the problem is about and how to help correct it without us having to point it out directly. But we need to be cautious of “should” reactions because these are so often placed onto others yet based on our own perceptions which in many ways and under various circumstances greatly differ from the thought processes and perceptions of others. We need to learn how to be straightforward in our communications with others, in an honest and sincere way that also shows tact and concern for others involved. This goes a long way in settling disputes and reaching a place of mutual understanding before things are allowed to progress (or regress) to a point that makes resolution extremely difficult if not nearly impossible.

~ Focus on the issue at hand. Don’t allow things that do not directly affect the situation that is currently presenting upset to take the lead in determining your reaction. Sure, re-examining past occurrences can help in reaching an understanding of a person and their motives as well as our own true feelings about individual happenings… but we need to be careful not to draw too much from past situations when dealing with current ones since our emotions at a time of upset may lead us to over emphasize things which under a different light may not seem so important. Therefore, it is usually best to save such things for a less emotional time to fully analyze and interpret its meaning or value in our life.

~ Remember the importance of forgiveness. We all say and do things at times which do not present us in our best light or exemplify our most treasured or admirable parts of self. We will all experience times when we are overly critical, rude, sarcastic to the point of injury, or just plain mean. We will all remember times when we said things that we wished we could take back. And we all will understand the pain of having suffered such thoughtlessness from others in different points in our lives. We need to learn how to forgive, not just others but ourselves as well. Guilt is not just something that makes us feel bad as some sort of punishment for the things we’ve said or done, but it is a tool that helps us remember and become more aware of our own ability to cause harm – so that we can empathize with a person when they are acting out in hurtful ways and through this understanding find a way to forgive and perhaps even help provide support. And if we are dealing with someone we really do care for, this is what I would think we should want to do.

So much more could be said on the topic covered here, but for now I leave it at this. May we each learn to show greater empathy, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness toward those in our lives as well as for ourselves, and may we also learn to communicate our feelings more compassionately and effectively in all our relationships. Many Blessings.

Monday, March 1, 2010

That Eternal Part of You

Speak to me about something real...something absolute and eternal. Speak to me from that deeper part of your self that knows of greater things than that which we are often faced with or choose to focus on in this physical plane of existence. Speak to me as if you've come to find higher meaning in life and can actively see an interconnectedness in all things. Speak to me with respect and encourage me to remain Awakened to the limitless possibilities and abundant supply that exists within our Universal Consciousness. And please be assured that when you hear me speak to you it will be in this way. Ashe.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter For A Friend

What I like about you and wanted you to know…

There are some things, about you, that keeps you present in my thoughts no matter how long we go without seeing or speaking to one another. These are things that I miss because they are not often seen or felt in the presence of others…at least not by me. The most notable of these qualities is how you are always so accepting and respecting of others. There is nothing within you that is afraid or at all threatened by acknowledging the beauty, talent, or good works of another and you are secure enough with yourself that you do not feel lesser than another simply because you gave credit where it was due or praised someone for who they were to you and to the world.

But there is even more to it than this… It is your ability to keep smiling through the most difficult circumstances. The way you always find the most supportive things to say...How you never forget to include others in your life even when you barely have enough time for yourself.

You’re able to laugh off the tension and negativity brought into your space, and you can transform that energy by the honesty and wisdom in your words and the gentleness and kindness of your tone. People never take you the wrong way, feel bitter or hurt after you’ve spoken to them what you think, or walk away from your space without being intrinsically aware of the positive and healing light that has been shared with them just by being in your presence.

For all of this and much more, you are most admired by me and I’m not sure if you will ever know that. Sometimes opportunities to say how we truly feel in person seem lost to the situations we find ourselves in and the business of everyday life. Maybe one day I will tell you all of this and more. But for now I say it here…I want you to know, in case the opportunity never arises for me to say these things in person, that even though I have not known you for a very long time or spent a lot of time with you, I feel that I am a better person for knowing you and for having the chance to spend time with you – no matter how infrequent or brief those moments may be.

You once told me that as a child you asked one of your older female relatives if you were pretty, and she said after a pause that you were “interesting looking.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you are pretty… you are in fact quite Magnificent Looking. You radiate from every pore of your physical being a spiritual light so tranquil and assured that it is impossible to view you as anything but beautiful and alluring. You have a physical beauty, and it is greatly accentuated by the boundless joy and melodious vibrancy of your soul.

I appreciate you… my beautiful, intelligent, and empathically aware, soul friend. Thank you for always (since our very first meeting) making me feel appreciated by you and honored for who I truly am. Much Love and Many Blessings.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pieces of Me

I Am – Restless Energy Constantly Seeking Expression.

I Am Not – As Accomplished As I Should Have Been.

I Want – To Make A Difference.

I Have – A Wonderful Family Life.

I Hear – More Than I Can Say.

I See – The Interconnectedness Of All Things.

I Search – For Peace Within Myself.

I Wish – For Security And Goodness.

I Fear – Self Delusion and Mass Ignorance.

I Wonder – Why People Need To Hurt (Themselves and Others).

I Regret – Not Recognizing Recurring Lessons And Acting From A Place Of Need Instead Of A Place Of Courage.

I Hate – Ignorance And Arrogance.

I Appreciate – The Way Others Have Touched My Life Through Spirit.

I Love – With All Of My Being.

I Ache – For That Which Brings Me Comfort.

I Always – Try To See The Best In Others.

I Usually – Find Some Way To Improve My Circumstance.

I Sometimes – Resent The Way The (Human) World Works.

I Never – Put All My Hopes In One Place.

I Rarely – Feel Understood By Others.

I Often – Second Guess Myself.

I Dance – When I Want To Be Lifted.

I Sing – When I Need To Feel Heard.

I Cry – When I Can Find No Reason To Laugh.

I Lose – Every Time I Don’t Believe In Myself.

I Need – To Feel Appreciated For Who I Am And The Things I Do.

I Should – Do More.

I Believe – There Is A Reason And A Purpose For Everything.

I Dream – Of A Peaceful And Intelligent World.

I Know – There Is Much More For Me To Do.