Saturday, September 13, 2008

Advice for Living

Accept others as they are. We are all unique expressions of the Divine with individual path lessons to learn. Contemplate your own reality and take time to periodically re-evaluate your own special gifts and purpose in this life.

Silence rejuvenates the mind and restores the soul; turn your attention inward and meditate often.

Empathic is something you are, Empathy is something you express. You become the first of these by practicing the second. Learn it. Live it. Know that it is an essential life skill for us all to hone and nurture within ourselves. It is a tool we can use to help create a better world reality.

Nature is unwavering in its resolve to exist and overcome. It is inspiring and nurturing, non-judgmental, unbiased and generous with its gifts. We must learn to emulate those qualities.

Wisdom can often be found in the most unexpected places! Be constantly aware and keep a willingness to receive blessings of any kind in whatever form they may take. Learn to recognize synchronicities in your everyday life and be grateful for what the Universe has provided for you.

A Synopsis of Me...

I came across this old blog post of mine from several years back and thought it would make a good start to this, my new, blog. It's a sort of 'synopsis' of me.

My entire life has been one of searching...for something to have faith in. As a child I became part of many various religious traditions through family and friends. Mostly Christian sects, as that was most common and readily available teachings. But I also dated an atheist, had agnostic friends, and for a time was acquainted with self-proclaimed Satanists. I didn't find my own inborn path of Paganism until I was 16. Since then, I have focused on my natural inclinations of religion, spirituality, and philosophies. And that has kept me on the Pagan path which continues to guide and comfort me.

My personal philosophies include Metaphysical beliefs, reincarnation and karmic law (deeply) and the Oneness of the Universe/our connection to the Universal Mind/the natural creative forces within us all that make magick possible and necessary in many ways. I have a strong affinity toward my Cherokee heritage and Native American practices. Also, I have an understanding for the various contributing forces/energies/entities that co-create with us on various levels of existence.

My practices include magick, ritual, prayer/meditation/affirmation, some forms of divination, among many others. I use many methods of building up, focusing, and moving energy such as: contemplation, ritual focus/intent, visualization, meditation, use of objects and symbols, elemental aides, singing, dancing, chanting, smudging, and laughter---to name a few. :)

I am extremely open-minded, empathic, and freethinking. I make my own way. I am very sensitive. I love with all my being. I cry for other's misfortunes as well as in joy for their accomplishments. I attune myself with the energies of other parts of the web, be it a rock, flower, tree, animal, person, or the earth/sun/moon/elements in general. I always try to see positiveness and beauty of all parts of existence and work hard to accept the negative side while trying to improve on it in some way. Life is not always perfect; I don't expect it to be, but everything that is Life- I view as perfect. In life, I see purpose and causality and perfection as often as possible....and I try my best to focus on my love for it in its many aspects, as well as my own personal blessings. I wish the same for others, and hope to have at least one good friend to help remind me of these things when I feel at my lowest. I think being a good friend is one of the most important things a person can do, and I will never walk out on a friend in need or leave them stranded in their pain or misfortunes. I will always do what I can to improve on their outlook if they seek my assistance in any way.

This is me, in a nutshell....but like anyone else there is so much more. In time, I'm sure you will know. I use humor, often strange or morbid, to lighten circumstances up. And I can be quite blunt or take charge when protecting or standing up for someone I love--or someone I believe needs stepping in.