Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pieces of Me

I Am – Restless Energy Constantly Seeking Expression.

I Am Not – As Accomplished As I Should Have Been.

I Want – To Make A Difference.

I Have – A Wonderful Family Life.

I Hear – More Than I Can Say.

I See – The Interconnectedness Of All Things.

I Search – For Peace Within Myself.

I Wish – For Security And Goodness.

I Fear – Self Delusion and Mass Ignorance.

I Wonder – Why People Need To Hurt (Themselves and Others).

I Regret – Not Recognizing Recurring Lessons And Acting From A Place Of Need Instead Of A Place Of Courage.

I Hate – Ignorance And Arrogance.

I Appreciate – The Way Others Have Touched My Life Through Spirit.

I Love – With All Of My Being.

I Ache – For That Which Brings Me Comfort.

I Always – Try To See The Best In Others.

I Usually – Find Some Way To Improve My Circumstance.

I Sometimes – Resent The Way The (Human) World Works.

I Never – Put All My Hopes In One Place.

I Rarely – Feel Understood By Others.

I Often – Second Guess Myself.

I Dance – When I Want To Be Lifted.

I Sing – When I Need To Feel Heard.

I Cry – When I Can Find No Reason To Laugh.

I Lose – Every Time I Don’t Believe In Myself.

I Need – To Feel Appreciated For Who I Am And The Things I Do.

I Should – Do More.

I Believe – There Is A Reason And A Purpose For Everything.

I Dream – Of A Peaceful And Intelligent World.

I Know – There Is Much More For Me To Do.


Ron Cooper said...

Poignant and thoughtful...thank you for writing and sharing!

I just became a fan on Networked Blogs.


redravens said...

Thank you Ron! I am following you as well. :)

uncertainhorizon said...

Very well said! Lisa, that is you through and through!

Miss said...

I love it! It's lovely to find another like-minded soul!