Saturday, September 13, 2008

Advice for Living

Accept others as they are. We are all unique expressions of the Divine with individual path lessons to learn. Contemplate your own reality and take time to periodically re-evaluate your own special gifts and purpose in this life.

Silence rejuvenates the mind and restores the soul; turn your attention inward and meditate often.

Empathic is something you are, Empathy is something you express. You become the first of these by practicing the second. Learn it. Live it. Know that it is an essential life skill for us all to hone and nurture within ourselves. It is a tool we can use to help create a better world reality.

Nature is unwavering in its resolve to exist and overcome. It is inspiring and nurturing, non-judgmental, unbiased and generous with its gifts. We must learn to emulate those qualities.

Wisdom can often be found in the most unexpected places! Be constantly aware and keep a willingness to receive blessings of any kind in whatever form they may take. Learn to recognize synchronicities in your everyday life and be grateful for what the Universe has provided for you.

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